Radchem Products, Inc.

We are here to help you drive change.  Together we will shape the future.


Our employees take pride in their service and firmly believe that success is based on strong relationships with valued customers, suppliers, carriers and terminals. Radchem Products, Inc. is committed to safely providing customers with quality and competitive products while conducting business with the highest standards and level of professional values.


Our Story

The president and founder of Radchem Products, Inc., William M. Radostits, began servicing customers in the chemical, solvent and oil industries in 1980.

After graduating from DePauw University, Bill started his career in the solvent and chemical industry by joining a major oil company in the petrochemical marketing division.

In order to focus more on customer needs and offer valuable service, Bill started his own company, Radchem Products, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Radchem Products, Inc. operated out of Naperville, IL., until it moved its main office to Addison, IL from 1995 – 2012.  In 2012, Radchem Products, Inc. moved to its current location in Orland Park, IL.

Radchem continues to successfully expand with business in more than 29+ states nationwide.


Radchem Products, Inc. takes pride in their customer service and transportation capabilities.  Only the most qualified carriers are used to safely transport chemical products.  All carriers must be bonded, insured, and a licensed liquid bulk carrier.  All drivers must meet DOT criteria, and pass drug/alcohol screening tests.



Radchem has multiple railcars, which are used to transfer product from the Gulf Coast, the East and the West to terminal and customer locations across North America.


Radchem stores a number of products in terminals, positioned throughout various regions of the United States.  These storage facilities help us provide the greatest service to our customers.


Radchem issues a monthly newsletter, which discusses current market information and more industry topics.


As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) since 2006, Radchem Products, Inc. has been executing and enforcing the Responsible Distribution Process policy, which endorses continuous enhancement in environmental, health, safety and security performance through all its products and services.

Radchem’s Responsible Distribution Program has been audited by third party firms and continues to be in full agreement with all aspects of the NACD program.  The last audit was completed in April 2014.