Building Strong Relationships

Radchem Products, Inc. is committed to safely providing customers with quality and competitive products while conducting business with the highest standards and level of professional values

About Us


Radchem Products, Inc. is one of the largest independent bulk chemical distributors of hydrocarbon solvents in North America and services over 30 states and provinces throughout the US and Canada. 

Our Team


All employees at Radchem Products, Inc. take pride in their service to customers and recognize that their success is based on strong relationships with valued customers, suppliers, carriers and terminals.



Although hydrocarbon solvents represent a significant percentage of its business, Radchem Products, Inc. offers a variety of other chemicals and oil products as well.

NACD Member


As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) since 2006, Radchem Products, Inc. has been executing and enforcing the Responsible Distribution Process.


Industries Served

Adhesives and Cement


Asphalt – Cutbacks

Asphalt – Industrial

Asphalt – Paving 




Expansion Joint

Form Release

Lubricants & Oils


Paint & Coatings

Paper Mills 

Parts Washers



Resin & Pigments

Roof Coatings & Sealers




Radchem Products is an extremely professional and knowledgeable company.   They are always a pleasure to work with and a company who values us as a customer.  Our salesperson,  keeps us up to date on the market and at times, has gone beyond the call of duty when necessary.  He has always conducted himself with the up-most integrity and shows consideration for us as a customer.   Exceptional customer service not just before the sale, but after the sale!

Just wanted to take a minute to praise and commend you and the entire Radchem Products group. You are truly one of the most outstanding distributors I have had the privilege to work with in my 40+ years of procurement. You guys and gals are on top of market trends and constantly strive to make sure your customers are the most competitive in their arena. It speaks highly of your supplier partnerships and their confidence in Radchem to deliver the sales and satisfaction they strive for in a producer/distributor relationship.